BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Chamber of Commerce and Bozeman Public School officials wore their construction hats, and dug in their shovels at the corner of Durston and Flanders

Mill roads Monday afternoon, to celebrate breaking ground on the district's 8th elementary.

"What's special about this, is this an opportunity for an entire community to share in a project that we all contributed in making happen" said Superintendent Rob Watson.

He said it's a project they've worked hard to make happen. The design for the new school is a 20-year old plan, with a few updates.

"The design has got a proven track record, and so it was easy just to adopt that same design" Watson said.

Construction on the school began less than two weeks ago.

So far, it's involved moving a lot of dirt.

"Right now we have just one crew- just the site crew working down in the construction" said Project Manager Roger Davis. "Overall we'll probably have twenty or thirty companies out there once the project is going full steam."

Davis said construction will create more than 100 local jobs.

Right now, crews are clearing the way for the foundation of the building. Davis said by this winter, they'll have the foundation down and the walls up.

"Pretty much the shell of the building will be completed, the roof will be on so we're protected from the winter elements." He said. From there, they'll work on the inside of the building.

Construction crews expect to finish the school by the fall of 2014, which will help alleviate the district's overcrowding issues.

"We'll probably start off with two or three-hundred, but the building itself is designed for five hundred students" Watson said.

The school doesn't have a name yet, but a special committee will come up with possibilities for the board of trustees to choose from.