BOZEMAN, Mont. -

A special committee designed to help Armory hotel developers come up with a plan for parking made their final recommendations to the Bozeman Parking Committee, Wednesday.

The boutique hotel set to go into the Armory building is located a block from downtown at Mendenhall and Willson.  

The resolution dictates the hotel will lease at least 64 parking spaces from the Bridger Park Garage, located at Mendenhall and Black.  

Plus, they'll have access to six on-street parking spots on Mendenhall as Hotel Loading Zone Only spaces.

We read through the resolution and spoke with both parking officials and developers.
Parking officials say they reached a solid solution for staging and future long-term needs.
Folks with Etxea Hospitality tell us they're happy with the final resolution.
They say, at first, they had some unique requests but were able to conform their needs to fit within existing parking regulations.
Representatives with the group say as local developers, they want to be a good fit for Bozeman.

"We want to be exemplary and we're motivated to do that because this is home, as well, so, for us to be pushed to this place...feels really good.  We feel good about it and we're excited about proceeding ahead with all the other elements associated with this development," says Etxea Partner Cory Lawrence.

It's an annual lease and the Federal Transit Administration must sign off on all proposed usage.