BOZEMAN, Mont. -

It's the day many Bozeman-area folks have been waiting for- the official opening of the new Olive Garden. The restaurant on 19th opened its doors to a line of folks at 11 am on Monday, and said it was packed the whole day.

NBC Montana headed to the Olive Garden just before the 5 pm dinner rush, and saw several people waiting in line for their chance to try the new establishment out.

Folks we talked to said the wait wasn't as long as it looked, and they were excited to eat there on the first day.

One customer, Carrie Roy, even braved the slippery road conditions and drove all the way from Three Forks.

"I love the Olive Garden, it's amazing" she said. "I'm just really excited that it's finally open in little Bozeman."

MSU students Muriah Stahl and Jessika Reinker, who are both from Billings, said they used to go back home to eat at Olive Garden and are glad to have a local location.

"We are super excited just to come and try the food out here, heard it was a really nice place, too. And it is gorgeous compared to the other ones I've been to" Stahl said.

Bozeman's Olive Garden is only the second location in Montana- the other is in Billings. Managers told us the company decided to build in Bozeman because of interest in the area and demand.