Bozeman DJ invites celebrity to charity birthday bash


POSTED: 10:40 PM Feb 20 2013
Missy O'Malley
BOZEMAN, Mont. -

"We've got four contestants up here" said DJ Missy O'Malley, during the "Minute to Win it" show at the Wild West Winterfest.

She DJs and hosts events around Bozeman and on the radio. The town knows her well.

"I'm turning 30 in March" Missy said of her upcoming birthday.

When she started planning her birthday party, she knew she wanted it to be a fundraiser.

"Really focusing on their youth programs- they have a real small facility" she said, referring to the Gallatin Valley YMCA.

She immediately thought of that organization because she grew up in their programs. Missy said the Y needs more funding for their programs.

And so, the Missy O'Malley Variety Show was born.

"The belly dancers, the magic, the break dancers" she said, naming off just a few of the several acts she has lined up.

It'll showcase local talent from all over the community, and Missy wants a special star to attend.

"We made this video for Ellen DeGeneres, inviting her to Bozeman" she said.

She invited the comedian and talk show host because she sees her as a great role model, who hosts a variety show of her own. A video formally inviting Ellen went viral on YouTube.

The YMCA said they're thrilled.

"It's definitely kind of created a little buzz around town" said YMCA Sports and Recreation Director Maureen Michaud.

Missy doesn't know yet if Ellen herself will appear, but said regardless, the variety show is about giving back.

"It's a great community event and the Y is a community driven organization" Michaud said. "So this just seemed to fit our mission perfectly."

And, Missy hopes it'll inspire people to follow their dreams.

"I want kids to come, and I want everybody to laugh and be a part of it. Nobody's left out- I want everyone to feel involved" she said, adding "Whatever it is that you put your mind to- if you can dream it, you can do it."

The Missy O'Malley Variety Show is on Tuesday, March 19th at the Emerson Cultural Center.

Tickets just went on sale Wednesday, and run $5 for kids and $20 for adults. Click here, or go to Cactus records to purchase tickets.

Click here to see the YouTube video that invites Ellen DeGeneres to Montana.