Bozeman Commission to look at creating special tech district


POSTED: 6:25 PM Nov 01 2012
BOZEMAN, Mont. -

The Bozeman City Commission will look at creating a special technology district to help stimulate growth for the industry.
The "tif" district is around 40 acres, just south of West College and North of Garfield, right next to the MSU Innovation Campus.
This is how the district would work: as property values grow, the money collected from the increase in value would go towards infrastructure improvements like sewer, water and sidewalks.
City officials say those improvements would allow technology businesses to grow- creating jobs and diversifying the economy.
The MSU Innovation Campus intends to expand west into the district.

"It's very hard to be building state of the art buildings and recruiting high tech research and development companies if you don't have the foundation, the basis, the infrastructure in the ground in which we can continue to build upon those "R" and "D" efforts of our community," says MSU Innovation Campus Executive Director Teresa McKnight.

The Bozeman City Commission will vote on the issue Monday.