LOLO, Mont. -

Missoula County Sheriff’s deputies said their bomb squad chief responded to Lolo Elementary School Friday to pick up an inert M-12 hand grenade an 8-year-old brought to school.

Officials said the grenade had been deactivated a long time ago, but the principal didn't take any chances and called the sheriff's department around 9:30 a.m, as soon as a teacher noticed what the boy had brought to class.

Officials said the 8-year old told administrators he found the grenade laying on the side of a road, and he brought it to school to show his classmates.

Deputies said the principal was able to confirm that it wasn't dangerous and didn't evacuate the school, but protocol required the bomb squad to confiscate the grenade.

Retired M-12 grenades are commonly sold at second hand shops or army navy stores.