Blackfoot Telecommunications buys Cutthroat Communications


POSTED: 6:57 PM Oct 31 2012
Blackfoot Telecommunications buys Cutthroat Communications

Blackfoot Telecommunications announced Wednesday that it will acquire Cutthroat Communications.

Cutthroat is a Bozeman-based telecommunications provider that offers internet, data transport and voice services. 

Blackfoot representatives tell us by incorporating Cutthroat they will be able to provide better service to customers statewide.  They also tell NBC Montana because of the new integration they are currently hiring.

"We're known for very strong wages, very strong benefits and we’re glad to be able to offer that same environment to Cutthroat Communications employees,” said Bill Squires, Blackfoot’s Chief Executive Officer.

Cutthroat and Blackfoot are currently implementing a transition plan for the benefit of all customers that will be implemented by the end of the year when the transaction is expected to close.