Folks in the Bitterroot needed high boots this morning.

All that snow should be a nice addition to the snow pack.

That has farmers and ranchers happy.

But any storm makes for a lot of work.

Jordan Summers takes the tape measure to an unbroken stand of snow.

"7 inches right there," said Summers, on a cold Friday morning.

We're on the Weber ranch, Jordan's grandfather's cattle operation near Corvallis.

Jordan likes this kind of weather.

"Shows that winter's really here, he said, "instead of rain showers."

But all that snow keeps everybody busy, especially on a ranch.

Feeding cows is never ending.

It's cold. When NBC Montana visited Friday morning, it was 15 degrees.

Jordan's uncle Thad Lechner fed cattle before sunrise.

Then he cleared tons and tons of snow.

"We got a lot of cows coming tomorrow, " said Lechner, "
So I need to clean  so the trucks can back up to the chute.

"Winter is a challenge, "said Lechner, "but it will bring grass, that's for sure."