Billings tire re-treaders boom with Bakken oil


POSTED: 11:50 AM Mar 17 2013

Business is on a roll for tire re-treaders keeping big trucks operating on the rough gravel roads in the Bakken oil boom region of eastern Montana and western North Dakota.
Hi-Mile Tire Manager Al Rees tells the Billings Gazette ( the last three years have been the busiest for servicing and selling tires he's seen in three decades. The company ships about 250 tires a week to oil fields in peak months.
Rees says new tires cost about $600 apiece, while re-treads run about $200. On king-sized trucks pulling four-axle trailers and needing 36 tires, using re-treads can lead to a savings of about $14,000.
Experts say trucks hauling water or oil can re-tread tires about three times, while trucks hauling lighter loads on smoother roads can do five re-treads.