Billings man convicted of 13th DUI


Associated Press
POSTED: 9:18 AM Apr 19 2013

A 54-year-old Billings man has been convicted of his 13th instance of driving under the influence after jurors rejected his argument that he drove away from his house last summer because he felt threatened by a neighbor.
Jurors convicted John Harvey Hoots on Thursday. His attorney argued state law allows a person to commit a crime to avoid serious injury or death. Hoots testified he feared his neighbor.
The neighbor testified he called 911 on July 31 to report Hoots had dropped his pants. A short time later, the neighbor's mother called to report Hoots indicated he had a gun.
Hoots was driving away as officers arrived. His blood-alcohol level was 0.20 percent. Hoots had been released from prison six weeks earlier on his 12th DUI.