Bill would let students leave guns in locked cars


Associated Press
POSTED: 12:30 PM Feb 08 2013
HELENA, Mont. -

A Montana lawmaker says students should be allowed to leave their guns locked in cars at school without fear of expulsion.
Republican Rep. Jerry O'Neil told the House Judiciary Committee Friday that students sometimes inadvertently leave hunting rifles in their vehicles and shouldn't be punished for doing so.
The Republican cited the 2010 suspension of a 16-year-old Columbia Falls student who left a hunting rifle in the trunk of her car. The student was disciplined after disclosing it to school officials.
O'Neil says House Bill 384 would still comply with the federal Gun-Free Schools Act.
The Montana School Boards Association opposes the bill. It argues school boards are allowed to make exceptions from the one-year expulsion recommended under current law.
The committee did not take immediate action on the bill.