$25,000 are in, $25,000 to go to meet repair costs on a crack on Brennan's wave in Missoula.

The man-made whitewater feature’s been a big draw surfers, kayakers, and whitewater competitions in Caras Park for nearly 7 years, but a high water crack that surfaced last year’s threatening to end the fun.

Big Sky Brewery's been a big help so far, donating a dollar to the cause for every case of beer they sell in Missoula.

"It has exceeded everyone's expectations,” said Trent Baker, spokesman for Brennan’s Wave. “It's just been phenomenal for downtown - not just the people who use the wave, but for spectators, people who just like to go down and sit on the rocks at lunch."

Big Sky Brewery is also donating $7 dollars for every keg of beer they sell in Missoula bars.