Sgt. Dustin Lensing is a detective with the Belgrade Police Department. He tells me a lot of the major felony cases they've seen recently have some sort of tie to prescription narcotics and other illegal drugs.

"Whether it's property crimes like theft, burglary, some of our violent crimes and then we've seen a significant increase in the amount of drug overdose cases we've seen in the last year," says Lensing.

Lensing says the prescription drug and illegal drug trade is very lucrative, not only on the street but for those who are addicted.

"As far as people burglarizing, breaking in, robbing , I wouldn't say it's unusual, I just would say it's increasing," says Lensing.

It's lead local pharmacies to ramp up security and take precautions.

"Installation of security systems, surveillance, camera and those precautions were already taken.  And I am very well satisfied at this point in time that our pharmacies are safe from being victimized in the future," explains Lensing.

As for the folks at Belgrade Police. Lensing says they're doing their part, also, to deter crime with increased patrols and greater visibility.

I called a number of pharmacies in the Bozeman and Belgrade areas to ask if they take precautions to safeguard their businesses.

One pharmacy told us that was privileged information. Other calls were not returned by news time.