The Montana Department of Environmental Quality said the BNSF Railway will submit a plan to clean up a section of their Whitefish rail yard.

This isn't the first clean up the railway has done. Last year, BNSF and the Environmental Protection Agency removed petroleum sediments from the Whitefish River and Whitefish Lake stemming from a 1989 train derailment. DEQ officials told us the clean up is part of an ongoing project in the rail yard.

"There are various areas of identified contamination in the rail yard itself," said DEQ's Moriah Bucy. "In this particular area associated with the Roundhouse the solvents were used for cleaning and degreasing. It's actually pretty common. In this case, it's a pretty small localized area although there is some characterization that's still needed for purposes of designing that cleanup."

Once approved, the railway would hope to complete the clean up this summer.