BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Fred McDonald owns Philipsburg-based Wilderness Firearms, and his booth at this weekend's gun show in Bozeman was nearly cleaned out after selling dozens of guns.

"The demand has just increased probably 50 percent" he said.

Many fear the recent shootings will lead to tightened gun laws or bans, McDonald said, so people are scrambling to buy what they can- even those who've never owned a gun.

"They're concerned about the direction of the country about their personal safety" he said. It's opened up a whole new customer base for him, in addition to a spike in gun sales from repeat buyers.

While that translates into good business for Wilderness Firearms, McDonald said manufacturers can't keep up production.

"All of them are working at capacity" he said. And McDonald said it's not just gun inventory that's dwindling.

Ammo is even scarcer to come by.

"I was looking to get some ammunition, and the ammunition prices have gone up substantial" said gun show customer and Bozeman gun owner Ryan Restvedt.

He had hoped to pick some up on Sunday, but found out the ammo vendor sold out the day before- and what's left was expensive.

"I just want to go shoot some cans with some friends on the weekend" he said. "We can't get our hands on a cheap enough supply of just low-end ammo."

Show vendors like Joanna Dawson said 223's in particular are in high demand, and at a high price.

"223 for a dollar a round- and that is very high" Dawson said, referring to the price she saw at a Helena gun show. That's a 65 percent increase from regular price tags.

McDonald said he's been keeping gun prices down- but hopes supply can catch up, soon.

"That, I think, is probably the biggest concern that we have as a local vendor" he said. Luckily, he said he has about a month until his next gun show in Missoula. He said that should be enough time to stock up so he can continue to fill the demand.