Air travelers see friendly skies


POSTED: 6:51 PM Nov 21 2012
BOZEMAN, Mont. -

In the holiday rush, some Montana airports seemed oddly quiet considering the influx of travelers.

We stopped by Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, Wednesday, to see how fliers are faring

Travelers tell me their priorities were leaving early and flying cheap.

We were at the airport between 10am and noon Wednesday morning, when several flights were arriving.
All were on time and some, even early.
Things seemed to be running smoothly at baggage claim and the car rental desks and it didn't take long for the terminal to empty out after arrivals.
We talked to one couple who say they flew from LAX to Las Vegas and stayed the night.  Then, they flew from Las Vegas into Bozeman this morning.
They say leaving early helped them beat the crowds and a lengthy layover saved them around $300.

"We left early enough last night and early enough this morning that I don't think the crowds that were going to happen had been out yet.  Those people are leaving today, in the middle of the day or later this afternoon, trying to get to where they're going to go for Thanksgiving," says traveler Robert Hemingway.

"That's another reason why we didn't fly out of LAX, because that was going to be a real, crazy mess...But everything left on time, no delays, anything.  It was good," added traveler Cindy Grossenbacher.