After days of heavy activity at the Bear Trap Fire, it appears with weather cooperating and an increase in aid, the fire may finally be calming down.

"The biggest thing is we've got light fuels here and we have resources. So the fire has for the most part burned itself out. If it should take off again we have the resources we did not have a couple days ago," said Incident Commander Stan Benes.

Crews have implemented a number of different tactics to get the upper hand.

"So we anticipate where we're going to go, we look at the fuel types that are burning. And we try to bring it out into the grass where it's manageable for us to utilize very minimal amounts of water to be relatively efficient with the resources we have," said Division Group Supervisor Greg Juvan.

Moving the fire into the grass allows it to burn out more quickly.

On Wednesday the Bear Trap Fire was at zero percent containment, but officials say with milder winds and temperatures, they could be in control of the blaze by Thursday evening.

"We could be up to 60, 70% or more containment by this evening if things keep going as well as they have yesterday and today," said Benes.

"It give us the opportunity to put people in places that we just couldn't get to before due to the fire behavior," Juvan stated.

Fire managers say they feel that they can keep the burn within the fire lines they've created with bulldozers and hand crews.