2014 Osprey arrive in Missoula

MISSOULA, Mont. - The Missoula Osprey begin a new minor league season in just two days, and the O's are now one step closer to being ready for their season opener at Helena.

Saturday afternoon in Missoula the Osprey players and coaches gathered for media day.  The 2014 Osprey roster consists of 27 players.  There are plenty of familiar faces returning from last year's squad, along with many new faces, including several players from this year's MLB draft.

The team says it's exciting to have the season opener right around the corner and that it's good to finally be in Missoula.

"Pretty exciting man," said Osprey outfielder Justin Williams.  "Spent a little time in Arizona, started to get a little hot, it's time for something new you know?"

"It's a great place, I love this place," said Osprey infielder Jacob Mayers.  "We've got a good crew here, a great staff, and it's a great field.  We've got a lot of good teams that we're playing against and it's a good league."

"It's a great facility, great town environment, small bike riding community," said Osprey outfielder Matt Railey.  "I just went out and bought a bike earlier so been riding around a little bit so I'm enjoying it, I'm having fun."

The Missoula Osprey open up the 2014 minor league season Monday, Jun. 16, in Helena.

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