A rollover accident Saturday near Clinton, east of Missoula, landed two people in the hospital and their SUV leaning up against a tree.

Our reporter arrived Saturday afternoon as a tow-truck was pulling the vehicle away.

Troopers tell us the driver appears to have fallen asleep, over-corrected, and then swerved off the road.

We’re told the passenger was ejected, and firefighters had to cut the driver out of his seat-belt.

“He was just in a precarious situation. He was resting up against a tree, and he was in a seatbelt which was holding his weight back into his seat,” said Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Wade Palmer. “Be careful when you're driving, wear a seatbelt. Tired driving is as bad as .08 sometimes as far as drunk driving is concerned.”

The conditions of both occupants are unknown at this time.