DARBY, Mont. -

Lightning caused fires continue to pop up in the Bitterroot National Forest keeping crews there busy.

Firefighters are on the scene of 12 new wildland fires in the area, but quick attack has kept all of them to under 2 acres so far. 24 smokejumpers from Missoula and West Yellowstone were dispatched for that attack Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

Bitterroot National Forest Public Affairs Officer Tod McKay said crews had spotted a total of nine new fires by Sunday afternoon and later found three more. All 12 were related to strong thunderstorms and lightning.

McKay said crews hoping to have many of the fires contained Sunday night, and are preparing for the possibly of more fires to start.

“Obviously with that amount of lightning typically what happens is we have what we call hold over fires, and they'll sit there for a couple days until either it heats up enough or until they get a little wind on them. and that's what happened this afternoon,” said McKay.

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