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Football Generic

Super Bowl? Super munchies!

Your Super Bowl spread will be a hit with these easy-to-make, flavor-packed munchies.

Avocado dip Mexicano

Wake up your holiday party fare with this one!

McDonalds Big Mac and french fries

$7.54 for a Big Mac? Only in Switzerland

If you get a craving for the Golden Arches in Switzerland, it'll cost you.

Savannah Smiles Girl Scout cookie

Why digital cookie sales are good for Scouts

Digital cookie sales are opening new frontiers and bringing new profits for Girl Scouts.

Shake Shack

Shake Shack plans to raise up to $80 million in IPO

Shake Shack plans to raise up to $80 million in an initial public offering.

The upscale burger chain filed regulatory documents Tuesday saying it will sell 5 million shares to the public at a price of between $14 and $16 each. The company plans to li...

Recipe of the day, spices

The Short Orders spice guide

Looking to flavor up your cooking without adding fat? Let the Short Orders spice guide get you started on the road to deliciousness!

Ritz Carlton

AAA's newest Five Diamond resorts

The Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World must be popping some very expensive champagne.

waitress serving food at restaurant

15 restaurants we can't wait to try in 2015

It's going to be a great year for global foodies.

Frog in salad

Woman finds dead frog in Pret A Manger salad

A Wall Street Journal staffer returning to the newsroom found a stomach-churning stowaway after opening her Pret A Manger salad -- a dead frog lying atop the mixed greens.

man looking in refrigerator for leftovers

5 disgustingly bad foods we love

We've all got favorite junk food that's disgustingly bad for us but oh so delicious. These are our five favorite deliciously bad foods.


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