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Princess Charlotte: Birth certificate on view

The birth of the UK's newest royal is now a matter of official government record.

Motherhood rankings

It's dangerous to be a mother in many countries

The United States continues to be outpaced by smaller countries in its treatment of its mothers, dropping two spots to 33rd place in Save the Children's…

Nepal Earthquake rubble April 29

Nepal surrogate mother to father: Baby's well

Nafisa is one of the many surrogate mothers here in Nepal waiting to give birth.

She is in the middle of three different worlds -- she arrived in Kathmandu in…

Sofia Vergara, 2012 Emmys

Vergara's ex speaks out on fertilized embryos

Sofia Vergara's ex-fiance is speaking out about their dispute over frozen embryos created while they dated.

In an op-ed published by The New York Times on…

The 'grandparent deficit' for older parents

When I do the math, one particular consequence of having children later in life hits me squarely in the face.

Couple in love in field

Coping with infertility: Advice from couples

When it comes to sharing stories about personal topics, sometimes hesitancy is followed by an opening of the floodgates.

Bruce Jenner

America's transgender moment

It's only April, but 2015 may be remembered as the year the term "transgender" fully entered mainstream consciousness.

In January, President Obama condemned the…

angry businessman worker yelling at ignoring boss

No. 1 cause of bad work-life balance? Bad bosses

Be honest. How many times have you said this to your 5-year-old: "Hold on a sec, honey, I just have to answer this email from work."

angry wife married couple arguing

When one partner makes more than the other

It's a common scenario: One person in a couple brings home a higher salary than the other, causing tension in the relationship.

Sofia Vergara at 2014 Golden Globes

Reports: Sofia Vergara sued over frozen embryos

She's one of the hottest and most successful Latinas in Hollywood, but now Sofia Vergara is playing defense in a legal battle initiated by her ex-fiance: He…

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