People may stereotype your typical football fan as a man and his buddies sitting around on a Sunday watching the big NFL game. While that is true in some places, it's not quite the case in Bozeman, as lots of ladies headed to Bobcat Stadium Tuesday night for the 8th year of 'X's and O's For The Ladies' hosted by MSU head football coach Rob Ash.

"We just want to promote football," Ash said. "We want the ladies to enjoy the game, we'd like them to come to the games. We'd like them to understand a little bit of what's going on when they're here and I think it's just good community relations to have fun with it. It's not a serious event, there's no test and the end of the day. It's more about having fun and just getting a positive feeling about bobcat football."

The X's and O's course runs ladies through a fun evening of learning the basics about the game of football and even learning about some Bobcat players.

"I watch it a lot and there's a lot of thing I don't know," said Margaret Huntsman, one of the ladies at the X's and O's course. "So I'm just gonna find out. I don't know whether or not all college do this, but I think it's real neat."

"I've been going to football, really forever," said Kay Thayer, another one of the ladies at the Stadium. "But there were things I didn't know and coach Ash is so great. He explains everything so well."

So don't be surprised if you're a guy in the stands at Montana State one day and a lady starts telling you about what offensive scheme the Bobcats are running or the finer points of a "will" and "mike" linebacker.

"It's all ranges," Ash said. "We have some of the recent graduates, we have some girlfriends of the guys. We have people that have been married 50 years and have been coming to games forever and there's something for everybody. I think everybody can learn a little about the game."