The battle to become Montana State's starting quarterback has been a fight fans have been watching since the spring. On Monday, the competiton finally came to end with Dakota Prukop being named the Bobcats' new starting quarterback.

"With his abilities and what we want to run on offense this year, with the quarterback run component in there and the up tempo stuff, it just seemed like in the final analysis that was the difference," Rob Ash said after announcing Prukop as the starting quarterback.

"That's as tough a decision as anyone has to make," said Prukop. "Knowing we had three great players, three guys that could have gotten the job done and that's just the way the chips fell. Obviously I'm happy with that decision, but at the same time those are two of my really good buddies."

Prukop's dual threat ability to run and throw helped him win the starting spot, though the Bobcat coaches are trying to play down any comparison to last years offense and former dual threat quarterback DeNarius McGhee.

"Neither myself or coach (Ash) are trying to fill DeNarius' shoe," said MSU offensive coordinator Tim Cramsey. "You don't try to fill DeNarius' shoes, you try to get a quarterback in there who can make plays and use his strengths and make the plays."

"It has nothing to do with last year at all," said Ash. "DeNarius was really kind of an enigma because he was more of a passer than a runner, as athletic as he was, and I think that it's gonna be totally different than what it was a year ago."

Jake Bleskin filled in for McGhee last season after the senior suffered a shoulder injury against Southern Methodist University and was obviously upset about the decision. Bleskin however, still spoke to and joked with the media today

"Well I'm gonna go shower after this Ted," said Bleskin after being asked where he goes from here. "And then I'm gonna go eat lunch and then we'll go from there."

The first team offense is finally set and Dakota Prukop will make his first start for the Bobcats against Arkansas State on August 30th

"I'm honored that my first college snap can be of a team like that," Prukop said. "You know the guys we have, I can be the most confident quarterback in the nation because I know the guys around me, I can trust them to do their jobs and I know they're gonna fight for every inch."