Montana State sophomore quarterback Dakota Prukop will make his first collegiate start for the Bobcats this Saturday at Arkansas State. Though you'd expect some nerves from a young quarterback in his first start, he hasn't thought to much about that, as he'll have some support in a very hostile away crowd.

"I haven't thought about it to the point where I built up a bunch of nerves," Prukop said. "You know, it's gonna be cool. My dad and my family are gonna be there, so it's an away crowd, but my family's gonna be there"

Prukop certainly has the support and confidence of the Bobcat coaching staff, who have high expectations for Prukop's first start.

"Our expectations is the sky's the limit," said MSU offensive coordinator Tim Cramsey. "We expect him to play a near perfect game, as we do any quarterback that we'd have on the field."

Though this will be Prukop's first start for MSU, offensive coordinator Tim Cramsey says every quarterback, including the greats in the NFL, had to get their start somewhere.

"Every quarterback in the world has played their first game of their career," Cramsey said. "Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, right across the line, they've all played their first of their career. Dakota is a guy that's really matured since the end of last season and that's something myself and coach ash challenged him on doing and he really has matured and he's still the playmaker that he was."

The last three seasons the Bobcat offense was run by MSU star quarterback DeNarius McGhee and Dakota made sure to learn all he could from DeNarius last season.

"You know, the biggest thing I'd say I learned from DeNarius is to stay black and white with yourself," Prukop said. "That's something he always use to say, as in, not to be in the grey area or to point fingers or be like 'this' or 'this.' You know, if you make a bad pass it's cause you made a bad pass."

"Watching some old tape of last years cut ups for some reason here this past week and seeing DeNarius out there, it kind of was touching to think about how many years we were blessed to have him," said MSU head coach Rob Ash. "But Dakota will do just fine. He got a chance to play with DeNarius, he's learned from DeNarius, he's seen what DeNarius could do. I think some of that will carry over into his play this week."