In January, Xanterra took over the concession rights to Glacier National Park.

The company has opened up new laundry and warehouse facilities in Columbia Falls to service the lodges they run. They are also working on administrative offices next to the warehouse that will open this fall.

The new facilities have created 50 jobs, in addition to the 600 seasonal employees they have around the park.

"Columbia Falls is the gateway to Glacier," said Amy Dempster, the Director of Sales and Marketing for Glacier National Park Lodges. "This is really the closest community for us to be able to easily get into Glacier on a daily basis and be able to service all of our properties."

Columbia Falls is excited for the addition of the new jobs and the increased presence of Glacier National Park in the town.

"Those 50 new families will be looking for housing, they'll be looking for schools for their children, and Columbia Falls has always been a family-oriented, small-town community," said Carol Pike, Executive Director of the Columbia Falls Area Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to the new facilities, Xanterra also plans to build a new building to house the famous red buses of Glacier National Park. The new facility will be built in the Columbia Falls area, and will be a central location to house and service the vehicles on the off season. That facility is around a 2-year project.

Xanterra has a 16-year contract to run the park's concessions.