A girl was hurt on the Power Tramp ride at the Gallatin County Fair over the weekend. The same carnival company -- North Star Amusements -- signed a three year contract last year with Missoula county commissioners.

NBC Montana dug deeper and found out this is the second accident North Star Amusements has had on the Power Tramp ride.

Fairgrounds Manager Todd Garrett explained that as soon as he found out, he took all the necessary steps to follow up. He reached out to North Star Amusements and Gallatin County Commissioners but hasn't heard back.

On Friday Melissa Cotton was strapped into the Power Tramp ride at the Gallatin County Fair, when the strap snapped. Cotton is now dealing with a broken pelvic bone.

Carnivals are constantly tearing down and reassembling in their next location.

"They need to be confident that they're putting them together right, and have the right people. That's why so many people travel with them," said Missoula County Commissioner Jean Curtiss.  

Curtiss explained that they did a thorough check of the company before signing the contract. This included checking accident records, maintenance checks and references.

"Most of their accidents were related to the truck drivers as they transported. They were hit by hail or bad roads, or they hit a guardrail or something like that," explained Curtiss.

Safety is still a major concern. County commissioners and the Missoula fairgrounds manager have covered the basics. They anticipate North Star is doing the same, especially in light of the recent situation.

"I'm sure that Todd will be asking them a few extra questions when they get here at this time, but we'll just be counting on their maintenance record and such to make sure it happens right," said Curtiss.

Curtiss explained that she expects the ride to be fixed in time for the Western Montana Fair.