BOZEMAN, Mont. -

June 7th marks the 19th annual National Trails Day, and to celebrate, volunteers in Bozeman got their hands dirty creating some new trails.

At least 100 volunteers helped out at two locations in Bozeman.
Organizers say it's an opportunity for volunteers to take ownership in their trail system and appreciate it more.
Volunteers say it's a time to give back to an aspect of Bozeman that they love to use.

"It's just time for me to give a little something back and enjoy the beautiful outdoors," explained volunteer Bill Dobler. "I think it just makes our community better to have open space and places to walk our dogs, and to run, and just enjoy the outdoors."

There were multiple other National Trails Day events throughout southwest Montana, including clean-ups at Lewis and Clark Caverns, Bear Trap Canyon along the Madison River, Maud S Canyon near Butte, and more.