Classic car lovers are teaming up in Ravalli County, and digging into their pockets to help people in need, especially kids.

The Sapphire Classics Charity Car Show will benefit Emma's House in Hamilton, and Bitterroot Therapeutic Riding in Corvallis.

Emma's House works with kids and families dealing with child abuse or neglect.

Bitterroot Therapeutic Riding offers horseback riding therapy for physically and mentally challenged people.

Wes and Debbie Young chair the car show. They are showing their 1969 GTO.

"It's a muscle car, a vintage muscle car," said Wes. "It started the muscle car era."

Brad Mildenberger showed off a newer Camaro that will join vintage cars like 1953 Corvettes, mint condition Pontiacs, shiny Fords and classic trucks.

The show will be held at Mildenberger Motors Saturday.

"We will have a lot of vintage cars from all over the northwest," said Mildenberger. "We plan on having between 80 and 100 cars here."

Linda Olson, the founder of Bitterroot Therapeutic Riding, said she is grateful for the car show and for the Youngs' hard work and commitment to her nonprofit.

The program helps people with myriad problems, including paralysis, head injuries and cerebral palsy. Horseback riding, Olson said, helps with joint mobility, balance and coordination. Medical experts refer clients to the program.

"Our program is bulging," said Olson. "We need more money to service the people that need our help."

She said the car show proceeds will help with scholarships.

Emma's House works with law enforcement and the legal system to provide counseling in abuse or neglect cases. It conducts forensic interviews and medical exams for kids who may have been abused or neglected.

"While this is a beautiful and generally safe community," said Emma's House Director Val Widmer, "there is a great need for helping those kids and their families."

Widmer is also grateful to car enthusiasts like the Youngs.

"I've always believed you've got to give back to your community," said Wes. "No matter where you live you want to give back, you don't want to just take."

He said seeing kids happy and healthy is good reward.

The Youngs have taken their love of cars and put some muscle car muscle into charity.

The Sapphire Classics show is scheduled for Saturday, July 12, from 9 to 4 at Mildenberger Motors in Hamilton.