BUTTE, Mont. -

Family members of a missing University of Montana student made their way to Montana in an attempt to find him.

Nobody has heard from 21-year-old Lucius Robbi for more than a week. He was headed from Idaho to Missoula for school, and was supposed to attend a new student orientation at UM last Wednesday.

We talked to Robbi's mother, after a truck driver's tip led her to Wisdom.

Close to 100 people live in Wisdom. It's in Beaverhead County, southwest of Butte.

Robbi's mom says she thinks he got lost while making the trip from Stanley, Idaho, to Missoula.

The family got a private helicopter crew to fly over Highway 43 from Wisdom east to Divide.

"Time is of the essence and it's been eight days, and we want to find him today," said Robbi's mother, Tina Glaessner.

Robbi should be at the University of Montana for fall semester, but he disappeared on his way from Idaho to Missoula. He was driving a green Subaru Outback with California license plates and two orange kayaks tied to the top -- a car that should be easy to spot.

A few days ago, Glaessner got a tip. A Salmon, Idaho, gas station worker reported speaking to her son. She's still waiting for video from that gas station.

Then she got another tip that led her to Wisdom, this time from a truck driver.

"A guy saying he saw that vehicle, on 43 around 6:05 near Wisdom," explained Glaessner.

Glaessner and her search party followed Robbi's supposed trail. They showed us their base camp in Wisdom. A group of close to 20 is searching by air and ground, everyone focused on Highway 43 from Wisdom to Divide and the Anaconda turn-off.

"If a helicopter can fly that and any of these areas where a car could have rolled down an embankment or anything of that nature, I'm very happy to see it get off the ground," said Glassner.

Glaessner said she's worried Robbi may have gotten lost, his car could have broken down or he could be seriously injured.

"I thought every horrible thought a mother could think and I've also tried not to," she said.

Glaessner is comforted knowing Robbi has a car filled with clothes and outdoor equipment, just in case he broke down.

"I also know my son is an incredible outdoorsman and he can survive," she said.

Glaessner said local civilians are offering to help. She likes that but said she needs more help from the states of Montana and Idaho.

"It is moving, but it's so incremental and the air stuff is very difficult, because, as you know, it's expensive," she explained.

The search party will be looking for Robbi in Wisdom from the air and the ground for the next couple days

Robbi's family will search the area again Thursday. His mom said they need volunteers to help. They've set up base camp at the Pioneer Mountain Lodge on Main Street in Wisdom.

Anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to call the Custer County Sheriff's Office in Idaho, at (208) 877-2232.