A former employee of the Salvation Army is on the run and reportedly has a stolen vehicle.

Tonight we dug deeper to find out how a man with a criminal background was hired to work at the Salvation Army and what the organization plans to do next.

Richard Audley Liggett was charged for assault with a weapon and served 36 months. He also failed to register as a violent offender and served a net sentence of 60 months in 2008.

Claire Adrienne lives and works at the Salvation Army Silvercrest Residence. Liggett was her boss and she has loaned him her car before, but last Wednesday was a different story.

"I've lost my only possession that's worth more than $10. I've lost my connection with the world," explained Adrienne.

Liggett asked if he could borrow Adrienne’s car on his lunch break. What Adrienne didn't know is that the Salvation Army had just fired Liggett, because managers found out he had a criminal history. 

"I was pretty shocked because my wife and I had just met him the day before, so we had sat down and talked with him and introduced ourselves and really got to know him a little bit and we were excited to be working with Richard," said Salvation Army Corps Officer Joshua Hamilton.  

Salvation Army has an extensive process before hiring an individual to work for them including multiple interviews, background checks and meeting in person.  We asked how Liggett made it through the hiring process.

"We're not really sure how he slipped past. We use a company called Sterling to do all our background checks on every new hire, and we are currently in contact with them to find out how this slipped through the cracks," explained Hamilton.

The Salvation Army knows this can't happen again.

"I think one thing we would do is do a little more personal investigation, perhaps doing Google searches or looking at people's Facebook pages and seeing what they are really like, in addition to the background check," said Hamilton.

In the meantime, Adrienne feels the Salvation Army should replace what she has lost.

"I feel that they owe me a vehicle and all my expenses. I'm the lowest Social Security project income that there is, and I have had all this extra. I'm just a wreck, my brain is mush, my phone is ringing, you know, every hour," expressed Adrienne.

Right now the Salvation Army and Adrienne are waiting on the police to find her car and Liggett.

The Salvation Army added that they warn their residents not to loan their vehicles to anyone.