Rain has colored much of western Montana green. It's unusual for August.

Showers put the brakes on hay and grain harvests. Farmers are waiting for conditions to dry out before getting back to work.

Corvallis farmer Bob Gingerich is happy that he got the wheat combined from a field just north of town. It was a good crop, said Gingerich, and he has more to combine in another field.

He spent much of Monday doing maintenance work on his combine to get it ready for another workout this week.

"It just needs to dry out," said Gingerich. "We had an inch of rain over the weekend, and we're getting her dried out."

Up the road, near Stevensville, hay producer Hans McPherson grabbed a handful of second-crop hay that got rained on.

He told NBC Montana that this batch won't go for the highest quality horse or sheep hay. But McPherson said it's still good for cattle feed.

The McPhersons put up a lot of hay in the valley. He told us they start in mid June and try to keep haying until the snow flies. It's been a good year, said McPherson.

"We've had pretty cooperative weather until the last few days," he said. "Not much has been rained on, and what we have we're still able to feed and put up."

McPherson's third crop looks healthy.

"We're going to have a really nice third cutting," he said. "It's going to be a normal to even above-normal year."

The farmer isn't complaining about the rain

"It looks like we're going to have a lot of hay," he said. "And with this rain there's going to be a lot of nice fall pasture for the beef people, so that will be good too."