POLSON, Mont. -

Tonight, Polson residents voiced concerns about a proposed raise in sewer and water prices.

Based on the usage of about 5,000 gallons of water per month, a current bill of about $34.31 for both water and sewer will increase to about  $93.51. That's $59.20 more a month.

Residents, landlords and business owners were all concerned. One individual told NBC Montana that he regularly attends the meetings and there are about 15 people, but tonight there were more than 50 in attendance.

The meeting had to be moved to the garage of the fire department. A slideshow and public comments addressing the sewer issue took about an hour and a half, and they weren't done yet.

The waste system needs to be repaired and the city has known this since about the year 2000, but some residents can't get over a 300-percent increase.

"We ask that you slow down and look at alternative methods to raise the revenue required," said Carlisa London, a Polson resident.

"We have been really blessed with being able to have these low rates and I think the city has to be commended for the job that they've done on it," said Pat Devries, a Polson resident.

The council had the final decision and they decided to table the discussion until they receive more information. They agreed they would discuss this at a later date and find out more details before making a decision.