BUTTE, Mont. -

An organization that educates and spreads awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving held their very 5K in Butte on Sunday. The foundation is called Mariah's Challenge and was created after a drunk driver hit and killed the Butte teenager back in 2007.

Mariah McCarthy's memory lives on through this non-profit organization. Mariah's Challenge gives scholarships to students who take the challenge not to drink and drive and to be a good role model to children. If they stick to that promise throughout high school students can apply for a scholarship. Leo MCcarthy, Mariah's father, was nominated as a CNN Hero in 2012 for his work for the foundation.

Now they're trying something new with the 5K to continue the fight against drunk driving, and honor Mariah. It was windy and cold at Copper Mountain Park on Sunday afternoon, but that didn't stop the community from coming out to support to cause.

"It's a great community event, it's a great moral event and its' a great athletic event," said Chelsea Newman.

"I think it's a wonderful idea it I think its something the Butte youth need, and I think annual reminders are necessary and a good thing," said Marlene McMillan.

Jenna McCarthy, Mariah's sister and the organizer of this event tells us more than 100 people registered for the run on Sunday.

"Overwhelmed with all of the people and all of the support we have had in the Butte community so I am just super excited," said McCarthy.

This 5K is a part of her master's degree project, but more importantly a way to honor her sister.

"People will rally around it still, I think its just so powerful when 100 people will pre-register for a 5k when it is 37 degrees outside," said McCarthy.

As the runners took off, we asked Jenna what her sister would think if she could see the turnout for this event.

"I think she would just be super excited and super happy that everyone came out and is just having a great time," said McCarthy.

Leo McCarthy tells is this is all about moving on and turning a tragedy into something good.

"Remember the situation, but not dwell on the bad, but get excited about the good, running outside is all about being good and having a fun time, and the winds called Mariah so I know she's here, it is pretty windy right now, but she is here," said McCarthy.