RONAN, Mont. -

The town of Ronan's police department is under fire for alleged civil rights violations, and lawyers say the number of plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit could be more than 100.

A group of attorneys that include the CSKT Public Defenders Office filed a civil rights lawsuit on behalf of Lake County resident and Tribal member Anthony Chaney.  The suit claims a harmful situation was created by the City of Ronan's Police Department, when they hired Trevor Wadsworth.

The State of Montana requires all peace officers to be trained and certified by the State.  The suit claims many of Ronan's full-time officers and reserve officers did not meet those standards, leading to mistreatment and unlawful arrests of citizens.

According to the suit, it's likely that Ronan residents, community members who live near Ronan and even visitors passing through the area were harmed, mistreated or arrested without cause.  The suit claims they won't know the extent of the list of plaintiffs until they review arrest reports.

Lawyers filing the suit are asking people who believe they were victims to contact the legal team.

CSKT Public Defenders Office
(406) 675-2700, ext 1125


Tim Bechtold
(406) 721-1435

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