Markus Kaarma pleaded not guilty to deliberate homicide in Missoula County District Court Wednesday.

The 29-year-old Missoula resident claims he was scared for his life when German exchange student Diren Dede, 17, entered his garage early one morning last month. Court documents say Dede was looking for something to drink, and add that Kaarma was agitated after previous burglaries.

Prosecutors say Kaarma told police he didn't hear or say anything before firing into a dark garage.

In court Wednesday, Deputy County Attorney Andrew Paul asked District Court Judge Ed McLean to reset bail at $500,000. Kaarma is out on $30,000 after an initial appearance in Missoula County Justice Court.

"Many of the neighbors have contacted our office and have expressed serious concerns about neighborhood safety. They are scared of him," Paul told the court.

But Kaarma's defense team said the state was just responding to public outcry. "Your honor, just increasing bond doesn't make any sense in this case. He's obeyed all of the conditions of the court. He is not dangerous, he has a strong defense, and we are waiting for our day in court," Brian Smith said.

McLean confirmed Kaarma's firearms had been turned over to law enforcement, asked him to turn in his passport kept the bail set at $30,000.

Kaarma is due back in court next month for an omnibus hearing.