BOZEMAN, Mont. -

The family of Naya Reed, a young girl who passed away in an accident in late June, invited NBC Montana to attend a memorial service being held for the girl Sunday evening.

Hundreds of friends, family, and well wishers gathered at Lindley Park in Bozeman Friday evening to share condolences and stories, memorializing an energetic, fun loving member of the Bozeman community.

"One of the greatest things about Naya was that most of the time, she was completely unaware of the good that she was doing. And how happy she was making us," said a speaker at the service.

There was talk of Naya's enjoyment of Bozeman and the outdoors, and her love for her family and friends.

Many of the attendees were people coming together in their and the Reed family's faith as Jehovah's Witnesses, finding comfort in the words of their beliefs. And in music as they sung together.

At the end of the service a video played. A slideshow celebrating Naya's life from birth, to school, and highlighting the things and people she cared about and those who cared about her.

Naya is survived by her mother and father, and her younger brother.