Saturday marks the last day of Carnivores Classic, which is an event that benefits the University of Montana Culinary Arts program.

Thousands of people came out to Caras Park for what's probably Missoula’s biggest barbeque with fresh cut meat like lamb, chicken, and roasted pig.

This is the first Carnivores Classic. Students in charge say it took months of preparation and they hope it will continue as an annual event.

"The music, the live entertainment is going on, and our vendors our being well received so it's going really well," said Chef Suzanne Phillips.

"The foods great. You know, it's great for Missoula folks to come out and to enjoy you know, the finer things that we have to offer around here," said Missoula resident Scott Rasmussen.

"It's a beautiful day. This is my whole day. I'm going to sit here and eat all day long," said Missoula resident Cassie Venaglia.

NBC Montana is a proud sponsor of the event. The buffet ends at 7 p.m. Saturday night and the event itself goes until 10 p.m.