Missoula Fire Department report they're dealing with a lot of fires along a popular trail in Missoula, and it has them worried.

The Kim Williams Trail is a very popular trail for running, walking and recreation.

Recent fires along the path are blamed on transients camping in the area.

Assistant Fire Chief Chad Nicholson said the biggest concern is for public safety, because there’s so much recreation on the trail they don't want the fire getting past them.

"When the crews did arrive, it was starting to get into the canopy, so it burned up a couple fir trees, started getting into the canopy," explained Nicholson.

Nicholson walked NBC Montana through the trail where the fire took off Wednesday night. Missoula firefighters got there in time, but it could have turned out worse.

"It's at the base of a slope with a lot of fuel above it, and of course we are concerned about a fire getting away. Fuels are really dry this time of year," explained Nicholson.

The fire was started by a transient, which firefighters and law enforcement officials are dealing with more often. Since Wednesday’s fire was close to the road, it was easy for them to put out, but it's not always easy.

"Camps are established on benches way up off the trail and they are pretty difficult to access," said Nicholson.

Transient fires are an issue, especially on the Kim Williams Trail, in this heat. There is a lot of ammunition for a fire to get out of control back in the trails. It is an issue that law enforcement has consistently tried to improve.  

"Us and law enforcement deal with this almost year-round on a weekly basis, trying to move people around, out of camps and shut down camps," said Nicholson.

The fire department said people recreating out on Mount Sentinel should be aware and make sure they report any fires or legitimate smoke signals and be ready to come off the mountain.