"Security systems can be expensive and not practical for most people," he said, in an email. "Trail cameras can be purchased for $100 to $200 for a good one."

Murray also said make sure gates have good locks and are dog-proof.

Plus, "If you live in a neighborhood, talk to your neighbors find out how your dog behaves when you are not home," he said. "If the dog is a nuisance neighbors are not going to be much help."

Though micro chipping might be helpful, Murray said it "only works if someone takes the dog to a facility that scans them."

He went on to say, "I know some companies offer GPS tracking devices for pets, but these only work if the collar is still on them." And if someone steals a dog, Murray said the collar is usually the first thing the suspect will get rid of.

If you think your dog has been stolen, Murray said call police, animal control and animal shelters.

Check sites like Craigslist frequently to see if the dog was found or is being re-sold.

"If the dog has been stolen to be resold most times it is a crime of opportunity and will not usually travel very far, maybe a couple of hundred miles," Murray said.

Plus, post on social media- like on the "Bozeman Lost Pet" page on Facebook.

Finally, don't give up on the search. Murray said the first 48 hours are the most important, but if time ticks on with no sign of your dog, he said keep actively searching and don't lose hope.

"If someone has taken a dog and knows the owners are very active in trying to locate the pet they are more likely to drop it off some where," he said.