Take a walk through the North West Montana Fair and  you'll see plenty of local groups selling food. But one booth is raising funds for a special event coming up in a few weeks.

"Anything we can do to raise money to help cover the cost of the race," said Mark Christensen of the event 24 Hours of Flathead.

The race Christensen is talking about, 24 Hours of Flathead, is a 24 hour mountain bike relay to raise funds for athletes with disabilities.

"It's a race that benefits people living with disabilities, paralysis and other life altering conditions that keep them from recreating to the same level that able bodied people do," said Christensen.

The money raised will go towards a Whitefish group called Dream Adaptive. They provide recreational activities for those with disabilities.

These fair booths are not only a great way for local groups to make some money, but also a great way to get the word out about events like this race.

"We're trying basically to raise money to help with the costs that go along with putting on a race. Also, talking to people like you, getting out here and letting people know what we're doing and getting people to volunteer," said Christensen.

Selling apple pies and root beer floats doesn't have much to do with mountain biking. But they are willing to do what it takes to get the word out about their cause.

"So just getting to meet great people who may never have heard of a 24 hour mountain bike race is awesome," said Christensen.

The race will start at noon on August 30th in Kalispell's Herron Park. It will end 24 hours later. If you are interested in racing or volunteering, visit their website for more information.