We're tracking the push for a parking district expansion. The neighborhood in the 300-block of Daly Street petitioned to be added to the UM parking district.

Neighbors say once school gets back in session, their street is lined with cars from both Hellgate High School and the University of Montana.

Monday evening, Missoula's city council voted to push the vote on the 300-block of Daly back to committee.

The principal of Hellgate High School explained that there are 1,260-plus students and more than 100 faculty members and only enough parking for 94.

She said students and faculty have to park on the streets around the school, and she would like City Council to reconsider whether to add the 300-block of Daly to the parking district.

There will be further discussion on the option of the 300-block of Daly being included in the redistricting on September 3.

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