BUTTE, Mont. -

You might remember when a building collapsed in Butte earlier this summer. Turns out the rubble still hasn't been cleaned up and now the city is stepping in.

It happened in June at 750 Wyoming Street.

Activists said it highlights the need to solve the problem of the city's aging, and sometimes derelict properties. That area is still a mess. The owner of the building was supposed to clean it up.

Now, the city says it will do the job, but the property owner will have to foot the bill.    

City officials asked owner Neil "Joe" Lynch Jr. to do several things to prepare for the cleanup. So far, he's only complied with two. He put up a fence and blocked off the streets near the debris. There's still plenty of work to do.

Butte-Silver Bow gave us a copy of the letter sent to Lynch; it outlines nine demands that haven't been completed in the 90-day time frame.

According to the city, Lynch has not shut down utilities or the water line, applied for a demolition permit or verified he has the money to demolish the building. Now, city officials are starting to make plans to demolish it themselves. But they'll make Lynch pay for any work they do.

Businesses near the building are happy to see the city stepping forward to clean up the mess.

"Something has to happen for it soon -- the sooner the better," said BSW Inc. Production Director Jessie James.

BSW Inc. is a workplace for people with developmental disabilities and special needs near the collapsed building.

James said at least 21 buses come through the blocked off streets to pick up and drop off the workers.

"It gets really hectic when we're doing all this, and if we can't run up and down the street, it does make it a little harder for us to get them through," said James.

The city considers the collapsed warehouse a dangerous building and James said that's another factor he's worried about.

"It wasn't meant to happen the moment it did fall, and the rest of it could fall at any time too," said James.

James is relieved the city is planning to clean up the debris and demolish the building.

"I'm just not so happy the city has to do it...he should be the one that has to take care of it, not Butte-Silver Bow taking care of it for him."

Either way, James and others in this neighborhood don't want to see the same pile of rubble in another two months.

We reached out to Lynch, but we didn't hear back. City officials say they're scheduled to meet with Lynch next week.

In addition, city officials say they're continuing to look at other buildings to make sure owners keep them up to code.