Door security system upgrades will be discussed at the Belgrade Board of Education meeting Thursday night. This is an effort to increase security at the middle and high school in Belgrade.

The board will consider bids to install new electronic door systems, a project that could cost more than $200,000. We are told the money that would go to pay for the new door system would come from the High School Building Reserve. That is money set aside for building maintenance and security.

Thursday morning, Principal Russ McDaniel showed us the current lock system they have in place. The exterior doors are locked, keeping the building safe. Students use exterior doors before, during and after school. The system is decades old, and keys could potentially fall into the wrong hands.

"The school has been here a long time, and there's been keys, obviously, handed out, and there is not always a control over who has them and who doesn't," said McDaniel.

Right now, they also have cameras to monitor who comes in and out of the perimeter of the high school. The school says adding new electronic doors would make campus safer.

"It just makes it more secure on accountability," said McDaniel.

If the new key system is approved, all staff and administrators would have to do is wave their badge and open the door. Superintendent of Belgrade Schools Candy Lubansky sat down with us Thursday morning.

"Between the two schools, it's 54 doors. We have so many doors. Those are geographically very large buildings," said Lubansky.

She explained the cards would allow the district to monitor who is going in and out, and deactivate key cards electronically if they are lost or stolen. Lubansky says she hopes to have the electronic door system in place by the time students start back to school in the fall.

The Belgrade Board of Education meeting starts at 6:45 p.m. on Thursday at the Belgrade High School Auditorium.