We have new insight into how the man police say shot exchange student Diren Dede is dealing with the international attention this story has created.

Markus Kaarma's attorney Paul Ryan tells NBC Montana that Kaarma and his wife feel terrible that Dede died, and they have felt  threatened themselves in the wake of the shooting.

“Yesterday an individual came to the door and wouldn't leave. The Kaarma family felt threatened by this individual. They called law enforcement and law enforcement responded to the home,” said Paul Ryan.

Ryan tells NBC Montana there is now a Missoula police detective assigned to the different threats Kaarma has received.

“Hopefully they'll investigate any legitimate threats that have been made and they'll act on those as quickly as they can,” said Ryan.

NBC Montana also asked Ryan about the international attention this story has created.

“They’re not enjoying it. It’s very difficult. They're not people that seek the spotlight or any attention, and obviously it has come very aggressively, and through lots of different sources, and so they're struggling with it and they just continue to try to make the best of their day,” said Ryan.

When asked if there's anything Kaarma would want the world to know, Ryan said: “They feel terrible that this young man lost his life and at this point they're just focusing on trying to get through this the best way they know how.”

Kaarma's next court date is a preliminary hearing set for May 12 at 4:00 p.m.