OVANDO, Mont. -

As the weather improves, Wildlife Managers have asked us to remind people to be 'bear aware' in the back country, even if you're on the water.

A couple weeks ago on the Blackfoot River near Ovando, East of Missoula. Some boaters had a startling encounter with a grizzly and her two cubs.

They posted a picture on Missoula on the fly outfitter's facebook page. The picture was reportedly snapped by one of the boaters.

The boaters told FWP officials that the grizzly was feeding on an elk carcass before it huffed and charged right up to the water's edge as they floated by.

"They don't want another bear coming in and taking their kill or their carcass, and they kind of just treat us like other bears, you know, they usually do huffing and puffing to alert you that hey, don't come over here,” said James Jonkel, Bear Manager for FWP.

Bear spray, Jonkel says is essential when you’re in bear country.

He also reminds people to get rid of any attractants, and to consider investing in an electric fence if you have chickens.