An update on the cold case from Washington that Washington and Ravalli County deputies think they may have solved.

NBC Montana told you a few days ago officers arrested a Victor resident they say is 59-year-old Clifford Reed in connection to a 1996 murder in Washington, but officials tell us the man won't confirm or deny his identity.

He's being held at the Ravalli County Detention Center. Ravalli County Attorney Bill Fulbright said that they have to prove Reed's identity before they can extradite him to Washington to answer for the murder charges.

“As we all learned in civics class, the defendant has the absolute right to remain silent, and that's okay,” said Fulbright. “We all have the right to remain silent. We'll take our steps, prove his identity, and show the warrant is valid.”

Fulbright said 5-10% of the extraditions they handle go this route, and that the process to prove Reed's identity could take weeks.

We'll keep you updated.