If you're a pet owner and you haven't had your cat or dog microchipped, there may not be a better week to do it.

With the 4th of July approaching, the Humane Society of Western Montana, outside Missoula, is offering $4 microchips for all cats and dogs in a special deal this week.

The tiny implant is like a permanent digital tag for your pet.

Humane Society Director Lora O’Conner says more dogs and cats escape on the 4th, spooked by fireworks, than any other day of the year.

"We recommend keeping them safely inside this holiday weekend, the entire weekend, to keep them on the safe side,” said O’Connor. “Dogs that typically don't climb fences, and cats that don't run away do this time of year. We see it every single year."

Veterinarians recommend keeping pets indoors in a secure, comfortable area with widows and curtains closed for the entire July 4th weekend.

Pet owners should plan ahead. If your pet is extremely sensitive ask your vet about sedatives for your dog or cat to help keep them calm. If you're leaving town for the holiday, board your pet or leave them with a friend or family member. Make sure your pets have secure collars with license and identification.