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Helena Montana State Capitol

State senators favor elections for US Senate vacancies

Montana senators are advancing proposals to require special elections to fill vacant U.S. senatorial seats.

Helena Montana State Capitol

Montana House narrowly defeats 'religious freedom' bill

The Montana Legislature has turned away a proposal that if enacted by voters would have given people grounds to disobey any state laws that violate their…

Montana money

House panel tables negotiated state employee pay plan

Raises for Montana state employees are up in the air after a House panel tabled a bill aiming to give pay and insurance increases starting in 2016.


House endorses proposed personhood constitutional amendment

The Montana House has endorsed a proposed constitutional amendment bill that would define human life as beginning at conception.

Sherry Jackson jury verdict

Jury finds woman guilty of helping Kevin Briggs

A jury reached a verdict Friday evening in the case of one of the accomplices of Kevin Briggs, the Bozeman escapee and attempted rape suspect.

No decision yet on bill that would allow high school expansion

No decision yet on bill that would allow high school expansion

Friday afternoon, Senate Bill 107 went in front of the House Education Committee. If the bill passes, it would let voters have the opportunity to decide on…

Butte collapsed building on fire

Collapsed building in Butte catches fire

The Butte-Silver Bow Fire Department is working to put out a fire in the basement of an abandoned building.

Belgrade man charged with shooting at home, strangling woman

Belgrade man charged with shooting house, choking woman

Anthony Wellbrook, of Belgrade, appeared in court Friday morning for allegedly shooting at a home while people were inside and physically abusing a woman.

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