A Missoula toddler became an internet sensation almost overnight after he fell for a classic trick.

Remember the "got your nose" trick your dad may have played on you? Consider Jesse Fulcher an expert. His son Jaxson broke down when he thought his nose was gone; all while his mother Madison filmed.

The family never thought that their video would get over a million views on YouTube in just 10 days.

"We just put it on youtube for our friends and family that were away, and then overnight it just exploded," said Madison Fulcher.

After that came the media calls -- Canada, People Magazine, HLN-TV, and even an online interview with Japan's FUJI-TV.

Madison Fulcher says Jaxson has seen the video, but really isn't aware just how big of a star he's become. The 2-year-old is "all boy."

Watch the full video here.